F. A. Q.

Q. Is Tonsillectomy harmful for the body?
Ans. If there is proper indication Tonsillectomy is not harmful. Tonsils are like Darwans in our body. But if the Darwans are dishonest tonsils must be removed.

Q. Is there any voice change after Tonsillectomy?
Ans. No, in modern technique and with a good anesthetist there is no chance of change of voice.

Q. In case of deviated nasal septum, is the operation is mandatory?
Ans. In case of mild deviation operation is not needed but if the deviation is gross, there is a spur in the nasal septum which may give rise in the nasal obstruction, Bleeding from the nose or Recurrent Sinusitis, operation is needed.

Q. What is FESS?
Ans. The full term is Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. The idea is to clear the disease of nose & paranasal air sinuses by Endoscope.

Q. What is Mastoid Operation?
Ans. If you have a discharging ear & if it is found in C. T. Scan that the infection is invading the surrounding important ……………………………. like brain, lateral sinus, facial nerve, then Mastoidectomy is done.

Q. What is Tympanoplasty?
Ans. If your eardrum is perforated, you have to undergo tympanoplasty operation with or without mastoidectomy according to situation.

Q. It the voice is hoarse, what should be done?
Ans. If hoarseness of voice persists more than 2 weeks you have be examined by an ENT Surgeon.

Q. What is micro Laryngoscopy?
Ans. It is visualization of larynx vocal cords under operating Microscope under G.A. & some operative measures are taken if needed like removal of polyp of vocal cords or biopsy from a malignant growth. In some cases LASER is also used.

Q. Is Biopsy harmful for Cancer patient?
Ans. No, without biopsy the diagnosis will not be confirmed and further treatment like Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy can’t be undertaken.

Q. What is Rhinoplasty?
Ans. It is the corrective surgery of the external deformity of nose.

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